Tell Me About The Allegheny Plateau...

The Allegheny Plateau is the largest region in Pennsylvania covering 2/3 of the state. A long time ago, this land was covered in plateaus (flat surfaces). Over the years, rain, rivers, and streams have worn the plateaus down so the land is more rolling hills and steep valleys.PA_northeast1.jpg22daf5d2-639b-4482-999b-68f9b844e8f9.jpg

Soft Coal
Like the Ridge and Valley region, the Allegheny Plateau has coal. Under the plateaus there are huge fields of soft coal. It has the largest field of coal in the whole country! Unlike anthracite coal, this coal is soft, burns easily, and is very smoky. When your hands touch it, it rubs off and leaves black marks on your skin. It is called bituminous coal. People found out it was perfect for making steel. It is also used to fuel steam engines in boats and trains. Bituminous coal was so popular at one time, people built small towns around the coal mines. This coal isn't used as much today, but is still used to make electricity in power plants.

The People of the Allegheny Plateau
People in this region grow crops like people in the Piedmont region. They also grow trees. A very popular job is to work in a steel factory. Most of the factories have been built next to rivers so the coal can easily be transported to other parts of Pennsylvania or the United States. People working in a factory make mostly steel, but also glass, aluminum, electrical motors, aluminum, etc.

The Scots-Irish were the first people who came to this part of Pennsylvania from Europe. Scots-Irish means Scottish people who were living in Ireland. The Germans followed close behind to be the second group of Europeans to settle in this region. Having mines and factories allowed many people to move to this area. Check out the video below to learn how to speak with an Irish accent!

Philadelphia is our state's largest city. Pittsburgh, comes at a close second. This city has a lot to offer! Like the rest of the region, Pittsburgh was once home to many factories, especially factories making steel. Today, not all of the factories are still open, but the region is known for producing steel. Though larger factories have closed, smaller ones have opened to make robots and other electronics. When factories shut down, people started looking for other places to work. They found job opportunities working in colleges, computer companies, and hospitals

In between hills and rivers are small neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Many of these small communities were settled by the Europeans who first came to this part of PA.

There are three rivers that meet in Pittsburgh. The place where they meet is called The Point. The rivers that meet in this city are the Ohio River, Monongahela River, and the Allegheny River. Check out The Point below!

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