Tell Me More About Lake Erie Coastal Plain...

Atlantic Coastal Plain is not the only coastal plain in Pennsylvania. Lake Erie is another coastal plain. This land is very flat and sandy and has both rural and urban areas. This region is very important because it allows boats to ship goods through the Great Lakes. It may be small, but it has a lot to offer! The name came from a tribe of Native Americans called the Erie. Out of the 5 Great Lakes, it is the shallowest and freezes during most winters.

Business on the Lake

On the coast of Lake Erie Coastal Plain there is a natural harbor. A harbor is a sheltered part of a body of water deep enough for anchoring ships. The ships that dock in this harbor carry iron ore, stone, oil, scrap metal, and other goods. They transport the goods to other states or Canada through the Great Lakes. Shipping is a popular job among people who live in this region. They either ship the goods, build or repair ships, store materials from shipping, or trade the goods from other areas by train or truck. Other people work in factories that make things out of the materials that are transported through Erie. Some even make locomotives, metalworking machinery, chemicals, electrical equipment, and paper. A company called General Electric even sells locomotives to India, China, and Brazil. Click on the GE picture to see all of the things General Electric does.


The People of the Erie Coastal Plain

Originally, this part of Pennsylvania belonged to France. The French would often buy animal skins and furs from the Indians and send them to France for people to sell. Having the Great Lakes nearby allowed the ships to travel from Erie to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The ships would travel through the Great Lakes, over to the St. Lawrence River, and across the Atlantic Ocean. Some places still have French names like Presque Isle, LeBoeuf, Duquesne, and Dubois.
Many people go to Erie for vacation. Though the coast is on a lake, it still feels like the ocean and is only a short drive away! You can also fish on the lake.

Presque Isle

Presque Isle is a penninsula, which is a piece of land that sticks out into the water and has water on three sides. In French, Presque Isle means "almost an island". Birds can fly from Erie to Canada.


The Lake Effect

Lake Erie creates a lake effect for this region. A lake effect is when a body of water gives the land around it a more moist and moderate climate. It does not get quite as hot or cold as other places in the state. It does get more rain or snow though. When snow falls due to lake effect, the land gets many inches in a short amount of time. Here are the steps in lake effect:
1. Cold air moves over warm lake waters.
2. The warmed air rises, taking moisture with it.
3. Clouds form
4. Rain and snow fall over the lake and on the coast.

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