Tell Me About Piedmont...

Piedmont is located at the bottom of the Appalachian Mountains and is covered in rolling hills. This type of landscape gave it the nickname "foot of the mountain".

This region in Pennsylvania has many farms. The soil is some of the best in the country and farmers take advantage of this! They grow many crops to help feed their families and earn money by sending the goods to local grocery stores. Some of the crops include corn, wheat, soybeans, and hay. Many animals are raised on the farms . Those that are raised to make money by selling their meat, eggs, or milk are called livestock. Examples of these animals are: cattle, turkeys, chickens, and pigs. Cities like Gettysburg and Chambersburg have land to grow fruits like apples and peaches. In order to grow crops and raise livestock, farmers need large areas of land. Unlike major cities that have buildings and houses close together, this open land is rural. It looks like large open fields open for crops to grow or pastures for animals to live in.

Also in this region are many factories. One factory called Herr's is known for making snack products like pretzels and chips. The Herr's factory started in 1946 with a man named James Stauffer Herr. He was twenty-one years old when he started the business in Lancaster. Today they have 340 different kinds of snacks for people to enjoy! Click the picture below to check out the time-line of this business.

Another well-known business is the Hershey Chocolate Factory located in Hershey. The factory was started by a man who was nearly bankrupt and did not have many years in school. This man was Milton S. Hershey. Before the factory gained success in Hershey, Milton tried to start three candy factories elsewhere in Philadelphia, Denver, and New York City. All three factories failed but Milton kept trying to eventually be successful with a company called the Lancaster Caramel Company. Not until 1893 did he start to incorporate chocolate into his new business. The business was growing so fast he needed to move so he sold the Caramel Company and started the Hershey Chocolate Factory. Today Hershey is known for more than just chocolate! The entire town is known all around the world for the accomplishments of one man, Milton S. Hershey. Click the picture below to check out the link to the Hershey Chocolate Factory!

Our state capital is located in the Piedmont region. Harrisburg houses our state government building where political leaders meet to make laws and decisions that will help our state. This was not the original state capital building Harrisburg had. The first was burnt to the ground when a fire broke out. The one we see today was constructed in 1906 by architect Joseph Huston. The dome seen from far away weighs 52 million pounds and is 272 feet tall! After being built, it was the tallest structure between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh for 80 years.

During Abraham Lincoln's presidency, the Civil War came to Gettysburg. A major battle was fought between July 1-3, 1863. America was split in two groups that were fighting against each other. The south, Confederates, were fighting to keep slavery and the north, Yankees, were fighting against slavery. When the battles were over, the north won. Abraham Lincoln gave his famous speech, the Gettysburg Address. The speech was only 2 minutes long, which surprised many people.

Railroads changed the city of York forever. For a long period of time, not much was happening in York. It was considered to be in "stagnation", which means not moving. In 1839 the first train left York. In 1914 World War I brought German battleships that terrorized the east coast. Today, York has grown greatly, especially the Harley Davidson factory that brought many people for work.

German Roots
When people settled on the east coast from other parts of the world, the Piedmont region was visited by Germans. These Germans were farmers looking for land to grow crops and raise cattle. To this day, the Piedmont region has more German Americans than any other group of people. This is how the term "Pennsylvania Dutch" came about. "Dutch" comes from a German word meaning "German".

Lancaster And The Amish
Lancaster County is home to a group of religious people called the Amish. Their ancestors came from two countries, Germany and Switzerland, in the 1700s. The Amish view life as it was many years ago. They do not drive cars, but instead ride horse and buggies. Their clothes are simple and females where dresses. Their homes have no electricity and they work off of their land for food and money. They are known for making beautiful quilts.

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