Tell Me About The Atlantic Coastal Plain...

The Atlantic Coastal Plain is an area of flat land without many trees. It is located close to the Delaware River. This body of water is so close to the Atlantic Ocean that it is mixed with salty ocean water and fresh water. When bodies of water mix types of waters, it is called an estuary.

The Fall Line
West of the Atlantic Coastal Plain is the fall line, a natural feature that connects the waterfalls of each river. Water that falls over rocks from a high place forms a waterfall. If you could mark the first waterfall of each river and connect them, you would draw the fall line. The fall line stretches in the shape of an arc from Alabama to New Jersey. It provides power to run machines and mills. Mills and factories used to be built on the fall line to ground wheat and corn into flour. The power of falling water was strong enough to turn machines too heavy for a person. Beneath the falling water is a calm place for ships and boats to load and unload goods. Having the fall line has made The Atlantic Coastal Plain a great place for ship-building and shipping goods.


The Atlantic Coastal Plain is one of the smallest regions in our state. Surprisingly, this region has a city that contains more people than any other city in Pennsylvania. It is the "city of brotherly love", Philadelphia. Native Americans originally occupied the land and were forced to move west when William Penn and other travelers created a civilization there. Originally, it was much smaller than what we see today. The picture below shows the first map of Philadelphia.

The city is an urban settlement, filled with houses, apartment buildings, and businesses that are close together. Outside of the city, houses and businesses are further apart from each other, in a suburban settlement. This picture shows how large Philadelphia has become!


When people live in an urban area, they often walk, use taxis, or ride the subway. People in a suburban area use cars or buses to travel. Think about how you travel to school. Do you ride the subway? Take a taxi? Ride in a car? Or take the bus?


When William Penn came to Pennsylvania he opened the opportunity to come to a new land. Many people from all around the world started arriving in Philadelphia to form a new life. Americans have ancestors who might have first arrived in this city. Ancestors are family members who have lived before you.

There are many things to do in Philadelphia. One of them is to visit Logan Circle. It was one of the original five squares William Penn planned for the city in 1682. Public executions were held here! The circle was named after Penn's secretary, James Logan. The fountains were added in 1924.

Another thing to do in Philadelphia is see the Avenue of the Arts Festival. It is held every year to honor all of the different types of people who live in the city. Since so many people came from all over the world, there are people from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America. Click on the picture below to see what the Avenue of the Arts is all about! After exploring the website you may click on the back button to return to this page.


In a suburban area of Philadelphia there is a famous horse show called the Devon Horse show. It began in 1896 and started off as a one-day show. Today, it is between 10-11 days long. It has become so large, it is now the largest and oldest outdoor competition in the United States!


You could also watch a sporting event! Philadelphia has a basketball team, 76ers, a hockey team, Flyers, football team, Eagles, and baseball team, Phillies. The stadiums for these events are all within walking distance of each other so you can go see more than one one the same day!


If you watch the Animoto video below you can see a few other pictures of the Atlantic Coastal Plain.

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